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The princess and the frog



La principessa e il ranocchio (inglese)

01. Never knew I needed


02. Down in New Orleans (Prologue)

Anika Noni Rose

03. Down in New Orleans

Dr. John

04. Almost there

Anika Noni Rose

05. Friends on the other side

Keith David

06. When we're human

Michael Leon-Wooley, Bruno Campos,

Anika Noni Rose, Terence Blanchard

07. Gonna take you there

Jim Cummings, Terrance Simien

08. Ma belle Evangeline

Jim Cummings, Terence Blanchard

09. Dig a little deeper

Jenifer Lewis, The Pinnacle Gospel Choir

10. Down in New Orleans (Finale)

Anika Noni Rose

11. Fairy tale / Going home (score)

Randy Newman

12. I know this story (score)

Randy Newman

13. The frog hunters / Gator down (score)

Randy Newman

14. Tiana's bad dream (score)

Randy Newman

15. Ray laid low (score)

Randy Newman

16. Ray / Mama Odie (score)

Randy Newman

17. This is gonna be good (score)

Randy Newman

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