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Home on the range



Mucche alla riscossa (inglese)

01. (You ain't) Home on the range


02. Little patch of Heaven

k.d. lang

03. Yodel-adle-eedle-idle-oo

Randy Quaid, Chorus

04. Will the sun ever shine again

Bonnie Raitt

05. (You ain't) Home on the range - Echo Mine Reprise


06. Wherever the trail may lead

Tim McGraw

07. Anytime you need a friend

The Beu Sisters

08. Cows in town / Saloon song (score)

Alan Menken

09. On the farm (score)

Alan Menken

10. Bad news (score)

Alan Menken

11. Atorm and the aftermath (score)

Alan Menken

12. Cows to the rescue (score)

Alan Menken

13. Buck (score)

Alan Menken

14. My farm is saved / Little patch of Heaven - Finale (score)

Alan Menken

15. Anytime you need a friend

Alan Menken

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